Terms and Conditions


ALL STUDENTS 1-1 AND GROUP COURSES (see end for separate T &C for each)

How I work

My teaching style is flexible and depends on each tutee. Some students need support on current school work whilst others need to revise other topics. The first few lessons are spent assessing what needs to be covered and how to do so.

We often work together to make notes and examples that your child keeps to refer to for revision and help with homework. If possible, I need to see school exercise books every few weeks and any to know the titles of any text books or revision books the pupil uses in school. It is also very helpful if I can have a copy of the school’s scheme of work for the year so I know what maths topics have been covered recently and what is planned. You will usually need to ask your child’s teacher for this. I am happy to help with questions they bring to lessons, particularly past paper GCSE and A level questions, but will avoid actually doing their school homework for them.   Students need to have a maths set and a scientific calculator with natural display e.g. CASIO fx‐83GT PLUS for GCSE / whichever calculator their school recommends for A level.

For GCSE, I need to know which board the school uses (Edexcel, AQA or OCR) and which level students will be entered for e.g. foundation or higher. 

For A level, I need to know which board the school uses (Edexcel, AQA, OCR A or OCR B(MEI) ) and whether they are taking internal exams in year 12 or the AS level.

Homework   Each week I expect students to do some work based on the topics we have been covering. This is often based on past GCSE or A level exam questions. Younger students are sometimes given GCSE Foundation questions or work from textbooks. Parents can help by making sure sufficient time and effort is given to this work as it is at least as important as the work done during the lesson and that it is brought to the next lesson.  Sometimes I might suggest using an app to practise times tables or other skills.

My students need to be willing to work hard and consistently throughout the year to ensure their success which is ultimately down to them. They need to be organised enough to do any homework I set and remember to bring their file or books and calculator to lessons. I will provide feedback if student’s behaviour or attitude is not acceptable or is preventing good progress and will stop future lessons if the behaviour continues.

Please arrive and collect your child on time. I cannot always be flexible as I have other students booked in. When arriving, you should be able to see if I am already teaching as the room is visible from the front of the house. If I am, please do not ring the bell until your lesson time. Parents collecting their children normally wait outside in the car so that we can finish smoothly and I will send your child out of we can see you from the door, but feel free to ring the bell if you would like to chat to me in the last few minutes of the session.  If it is dark, please park where we can see you from the classroom. If you see us peering out, please flash your lights.   

Mobile phones   Unfortunately, I sometimes need to answer calls briefly during lessons or check texts are not from the next student to arrive.  I would prefer that students are only receiving important calls too and that phones are not continually pinging. After school on weekdays or Saturday mornings is not the best time to ring me unless it is urgent.


Here are my contact details for when you need to discuss lessons and your child’s progress: Amelia Rood, 177 West Way, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 9LG    Mobile  07714 238801  tel. 01202 383558       e‐mail  amelia.rood@southcoasttutors.co.uk  


PAYMENT   I invoice half termly in advance for private tuition. Parents have the chance to agree the session times and arrange alternative dates before paying the invoice at or before the first session of the series. I do not usually tutor in half terms or holidays but where such sessions are arranged, payment for each additional lesson will be due at the agreed lesson.

CANCELLATION POLICY   Experience has shown that tuition is most successful when pupils attend regularly as I often revise topics over a few weeks to reinforce learning. Please keep absences to a minimum. I reserve the right to charge for missed lessons and late cancellations as tutoring is how I make my living.  Demand for tuition is high and I frequently turn people away.

Parents must contact me to rearrange or cancel lessons. Please tell me as soon as possible when students cannot attend lessons so that I can plan my work schedule properly with preferably at least 7 days’ notice. This may give me time to offer your child’s slot to any other students who can’t make their usual slot that week, or I can offer the slot to ‘Standby students’. With 7 days notice I will agree to a cancellation and refund the fee as a credit on the next invoice. With at least 48 hours notice I can usually offer an alternative slot. With less notice, I am unlikely to be able an alternative slot.

Where I am unable to offer an alternative slot, the lesson fee will be forfeited. However this is your time and I am happy to use the time to look over any work you can drop over or send via email and set work for the child to do before the next session or help via phone or skype if appropriate.  If the cancellation is due to severe illness or emergency and/or sufficient notice is given for me to fill your child’s slot with another student and I do not spend the time supporting your child remotely, I may wave or reduce my fee.

 In the rare event that I need to cancel a lesson, you will be given the option of an alternative session of possible or to have the credit for that lesson applied to your next invoice or refunded.

NOTICE OF CESSATION OF TUITION   Notice is just 10 days – either side. This usually gives a chance for a final lesson. Should you give notice in the middle of a block of paid for lessons, I will refund any remaining sessions which have been paid for. Please can you phone or speak to me in person to ensure that I have received your notice.


PAYMENT   I invoice termly in advance for group tuition or in full for revision courses. Places on courses running over several weeks can be held, for new students, with a deposit covering two lessons, with the remainder due at the end of lesson 2.

CANCELLATION POLICY   Experience has shown that tuition is most successful when pupils attend regularly as I often revise topics over a few weeks to reinforce learning. Please keep absences to a minimum. Students will not receive a refund for missed lessons. However, should I receive an email about the absence, I will try to reply with some information about the topics they have missed.

In the rare event that I need to cancel a lesson, you will have the pro rata credit for that lesson applied to your next invoice or refunded.

NOTICE OF CESSATION OF TUITION    For courses continuing into the next term, please could you advise at the end of term if you do not wish to continue. Students currently enrolled have first option on the next terms courses but, if their invoice is unpaid on the due date, may lose their place to a student on the waiting list.