ISEB Pre test

“Amelia at South Coast Tutors is fantastic, can’t recommend her highly enough. My daughter loves her sessions with her and has grown massively in confidence with maths, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning since being tutored by Amelia. She is brilliant at tailoring sessions to each individual child’s needs. My daughter has successfully passed the 11+ and ISEB pre test with Amelia’s help.”

The ISEB pre-test, how can I help my child?

The ISEB says “No special preparation is needed for the tests and no practice tests are available.”, “What are the Common Pre-Tests?”, November 2016

However, some work on 11+/12+ GL style Maths, English, Non verbal and Verbal resoning paper tests is a good idea and South Coast Tutors can help with that individually or in a small group. A pencil and paper for rough working is ONLY allowed in Maths, unlike with the paper versions so your child must get used to working without them. In addition, the following few demonstration questions are useful to get the child used to the way the computer will ask the questions. Although this is a slightly different test,  and not a full one, it is by the same company and of a similar style, especially to the Non Verbal and Verbal reasoning tests. 

ISEB Pre test demo

ISEB pre-test preparation sessions – 1 hour

These will run in September/October/November 2019 for those sitting the pre test in November and can be arranged for other dates in addition.

Charges Pair: £30 or group of 3 to 5: £20.

Sessions can be booked individually. Should only 1 book, then a shorter 1-1 session will be agreed.

There will be a focus on non-verbal and spatial reasoning, plus verbal reasoning but some work on English and Maths will be covered. If only attending one or two sessions, do advise what your priorities are.


Why the ISEB pre-test?

To ensure parents know that their child will likely gain a place at 13+, school are more and more turning to pretesting in year 6 or 7.  The ISEB Common pre-test is used at Canford, Bryanston and many other independent schools. Schools will invite students with the highest performances on the pre-test to their next stage. They also maintain a waiting list for students who scored just outside this range. Students on this list will be offered places if students with higher scores don’t accept their offers or, after the subsequent pre-test dates, fewer than expected children score in this top band  making a gap available. It is usually in your child’s best interest to take this test as early as possible. There may not be as many places available to those taking the test at a later date as some places will already have been given out.