Group Tuition

Group tuition is an affordable option where your child can receive additional support outside school with other children of their own age. Most face to face classes are in Broadstone.

My SMALL group classes are for 3-4 students, occasionally 5. Please  Contact us  for more details if you are interested in joining an existing group or would like a group tailored to your child’s needs.

Most classes are run by me in Broadstone but others are which are run in tutors own houses by experienced qualified teachers I have hand selected or on zoom.  All have DBS checks. Classes in English and Maths are run by TWO teachers alternate weeks other than yr 4 group, usually, run by one teacher.


Working on examination papers and questions with support on individual topics. Each child has past papers/questions as homework used between each lesson. 

Yr 4/5 MATHS/ENGLISH group / pre 11+

Our groups usually do some work on a topic or two as a group with follow up work based on their personal needs.  The groups may split further by ability if numbers permit. Ideal for year 4 who want to bring their Maths and English up to the level required for grammar or independent school entrance and scholarship exams or year 5 not taking grammar tests. Some age appropriate grammar test style questions will be set but the focus is on teaching the foundations of Maths and English.

Year 5 SPECIALIST Maths/EnglisH Leading to 11+ PREP

Ideal for those who want to bring their Maths and English up to the level required for Grammar or Independent school entrance and scholarship exams. Taught by Qualified experienced Maths and English teachers. Practice papers introduced second half of Spring term.

Specific Examination prep to include VR as well begins in March. Those starting in Summer term need to be of a level to work on past papers.

If there is no group for your child, do ask and I will see what I can do.