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“Thank you for your excellent work with my child. The sessions were both challenging and engaging. We could tell that he was never bored coming to one of your sessions. He has definitely benefited from your support and guidance. Also the detailed feedback we received from the mock tests were excellent. Keep up the good work. I would be very happy to recommend you folks.” Gene, 2018

“Thank you so much for the valuable feedback, really helpful”, DD, Poole 2018

South Coast Tutors support and prepare students for various 11+ and 13+ selection tests.  If your child is strong enough to thrive in a grammar school environment and in catchment, they will usually require only examination practice and a few pointers rather than intensive tuition. Those students could start by taking a mock examination in August before starting year 5. Those with high scores could consider waiting until the Summer if year 5 to begin examination preparation.

Tuition in both Maths and English in year 5, or even from year 4, will help your child can improve their Maths and English to help them reach the required level. We will ensure that all relevant topic areas have been covered to boost the performance of a borderline student. For very able students, it will extend their learning if they feel constrained by the school curriculum.  Out of catchment, if able enough to thrive at grammar school, tuition can help your child achieve a score high enough to gain entry.

Private and Group tuition

South Coast Tutors’ Group Tuition before the summer of year 5 supports their Mathematics and English in school as well as developing the skill required to tackle Verbal Reasoning. This ensures they improve in their core subjects rather than focus solely on one examination, though it is useful to know the ultimate goal in mind. I have groups working on improving Mathematics and English for those aiming to sit the Grammar test or other 11+ entrance exams and scholarships. Private tuition started earlier than summer term of year 5 would also be focused in this way. Both methods really improve confidence and attainment at school and have the advantage of specialist secondary trained teachers running each of the Maths and English lessons.

SPECIALIST 11+ PREParation in small groups

 Group tuition available. Details  here .

 1-1 tuition available. Details  here .

 Mock examinations and intensive revision mornings. Details here .

LOCAL 11+/13+ information

State Grammar Schools – Poole and Bournemouth – For entry in September 2018

There is one set of selection tests for Bournemouth School, Bournemouth School for Girls, Parkstone Grammar School and Poole Grammar School (the “Consortium”). This means a child only need take the test once to be considered for both Poole and Bournemouth schools.

On the day of testing all students will take GL Assessment Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English tests.

The following local schools have their own 11+/13+ Entrance Examinations

Talbot Heath

Bournemouth Collegiate School

The following schools are non selective though they do have Scholarship Examinations

Ballard School

Moyles Court School

The usual entry for the following schools is the ISEB 13+ Common Entrance Examination, or other pre school Baccalaureate, though most offer their own entrance papers and scholarship papers in year 8 with Canford and Bryanston asking for the ISEB pre-test in year 6 or 7 in addition. We can help your child prepare for the pre-test as well as support them in common entrance or other entrance exams.

Canford School


Bryanston School

Milton Abbey

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