Joining a new school in year 7 or 9 can be daunting. Less Maths is often done in the last half term of your primary/middle/prep school as activities often take precedence. Coupled with the long summer holiday, children can lose confidence in their Mathematics especially and forget the skills they once knew. A tutor, even once a fortnight, or suitable Maths/English group , can help with the transition and ensure that your child has the best start in their new school.

Some parents know that their child has struggled with Maths in the past and want to ensure they catch up during KS3 to give them the best chance of achieving a good pass at GCSE. This can result in set moves, which then place the child with others who are targeting higher grades.

“[My son] was so excited to tell you about his maths exam result. You have given him so much confidence and the improvement in him is amazing” AS, Poole


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