Home school Support

Home School SUPPORT

Home schooling can provide many advantages for children, but sometimes they will want to prepare for GCSE/IGCSE or A level exams or perhaps you don’t feel confident to support your child’s mathematics. Often some support or tuition is useful here. I can come to your home and teach your child, 1-1 or in a small group. Please Contact us if you are interested. Prices start from £35 per hour 1-1 and £10 per child per hour for a group. As I am an experienced teacher, it is not necessary for all children in the group to be working at the same level but the closer they are, the better the grouping.

Distance tuition via email. For those preparing for GCSE/IGCSE on their own.
You scan and email an exam paper. £20 (£15 from July to December). I mark and provide full feedback and support. Suitable for those who can not attend traditional tuition or just need extra practice.